At the Center for Public Philosophy, we believe in the profound importance of thinking — often and carefully — about thinking itself.

Thinking about thinking can be revealing, certainly interesting (for many of us, it’s even fun). But most of all, it’s critically important—for our communities, our relationships, our choices, our lives.

So that’s what we do: We encourage, stimulate, and strengthen thinking about thinking.

We’re doing this with children, and we’re doing it in jails. We’re thinking about thinking with high-schoolers, and we’re thinking about thinking with educators.

With environmentalists, we’re thinking in particular about the impact of language on thinking: about the impact of particular words and concepts on the public’s thinking about things like ”sustainability,”
“conservation,” and “extinction”.

(You might say we spend a lot of time thinking about thinking
about thinking.)

All of it is inspired and informed by the venerable history
and practice of philosophy—and seasoned to perfection with current research from the science of cognition and the brain.