We are fortunate to collaborate with organizations and individuals whose goals and values dovetail with ours. Major partners include:

For financial support, we are grateful to:

• Marc Sanders Foundation
• Monterey Peninsula Foundation
• Lauder Family Foundation
• Thirty Petals Foundation
• Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization
• National Science Foundation Institute for Foundations of Data Science

The University of California, an institution that places a high value on service and research with, and for, communities far beyond campus. Financial supporters include:

• University of California National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement
• University of California Humanities Research Institute
• Cowell College (UCSC)
• The Humanities Institute (UCSC)
• Peggy Downes Baskin Endowment for Interdisciplinary Studies in Ethics (UCSC)
• Division of Humanities (UCSC)
• The Genomics Institute (UCSC)
• Department of Philosophy (UCSC)
• Division of Physical and Biological Sciences (UCSC)
• Division of Student Success (UCSC)
• The Foundation Board of Trustees (UCSC)

Individual donors like Iris Fraser, and Ann & Tim Shannon, and the 800+ donors who have supported us through UC Santa Cruz’s annual Giving Days.

We are especially grateful to our colleagues, Nathaniel Deutsch, Cari Napoles, Irena Polic, and the team at The Humanities Institute, who were instrumental in helping to get the Center for Public Philosophy off the ground in 2015.