Looking for a Book?

Whether you’re a teacher looking to bring philosophical discussions into your classroom, or a parent eager to introduce your child to some fundamental questions, there are so many wonderful children’s books out there.

Here are some of our favorites.

What makes art beautiful?
How do we know what things are?
Do you see it like I do?
What is war, and is it ever justified?
Do we have moral obligations,even to those who wish us harm?
What is friendship?
What makes a true princess?
How should we relate to nature?
See many more at Tom Wartenburg’s wonderful site.

What Happens in a Philosophy for Kids Session?

A common practice is to guide the group of children to generate their  questions, discuss their own answers, and to critically reflect on what a good answer to their own questions might be like.

Rather than learning a set of known facts, or dictated techniques, children are empowered to set the terms of their discussion together. Rather than teaching children what to think, philosophy for children focuses on helping children think about

Santa Cruz

Currently, we are introducing philosophy, ethics, and critical thinking to children at three elementary schools in our local community.

Westlake Elementary School
Brook Knoll School

Thomas Wartenberg

Tom is a leader in the international philosophy for children movement. In addition to running a decades-old P4C program for undergraduates at Mount Holyoke, he leads the major national organization PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization), and maintains one of the best websites for P4C lesson plans. To see Tom at work, check out the emmy-winning documentary “Big Ideas for Little Kids”, or his book by the same name.

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