Main Event
January 13, 2018

REGISTRATION FOR THE 2018 NOR CAL REGIONAL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Please contact bowl director Kyle Robertson (kxrobert@ucsc.edu) with any questions.

Hosted every January by the Center for Public Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz, this event serves as a qualifying regional for the National High School Ethics Bowl. The winner of this competition usually goes on to the Nationals at UNC, Chapel Hill.

Founded in 2012 by Kyle Robertson, the most recent NorCal Bowl welcomed teams from twelve high schools.

If you’re a school or individual interested in participating, please contact the Bowl Director, Kyle Robertson.

Upcoming Bowl

The Northern California Regional High School Ethics Bowl for the 2017-2018 school year will take place on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

If you are interested in entering a team from your school, please contact bowl director Kyle Robertson at kxrobert@ucsc.edu

Anticipated Schedule for January 13, 2018

Teams should arrive on campus no later than 8:30am and proceed to the Humanities Lecture Hall (see driving and parking directions). All teams compete in three rounds, finishing by 12:30pm. The top four teams compete in semi-final and final rounds in the afternoon to determine a champion.

Registration fees are $125 per school (1-3 teams). Fee waivers are available upon request.

Information for Judges

Judges should arrive on campus no later than 8:00am and proceed to Humanities 1, Room 201 (see driving and parking directions).

In preparation for the event, judges should familiarize themselves with the cases, read the judging rubrics and judge’s scoring sheets, and watch this judging video.

Resources for Coaches and Schools

The Rules of Ethics Bowl

read rules


Congratulations to Stanford Online High School, Winners of the 2018 NorCal HSEB Regional! We wish them the best of luck at the 2018 National HSEB in North Carolina!


We are grateful for the dedicated community volunteers that make the
NCHSEB possible, such as:

  • volunteer-img
    Cynthia Chase
    Santa Cruz City Council
  • volunteer-img
    David Terrazas
    Mayor of Santa Cruz
  • volunteer-img
    Mark Stone
    Local CA assemblyman
  • volunteer-img
    Pamela Comstock
    Former City Council Member
Community Members
  • volunteer-img
    Sarah Edmundson
    Dominican Hospital
  • volunteer-img
    Sandy Davie
    Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center Administrative Director
A variety of faculty and staff from UCSC and surrounding universities
  • volunteer-img
    Sandra Dreisbach
    UCSC Lecturer
  • volunteer-img
    Michael Tassio

If you are a community member or a UCSC graduate or undergraduate student interested in ethics, please volunteer! We are always looking for new excellent high school team coaches and competition day moderators and judges.