Every Spring the Center for Public Philosophy holds an Outreach Invitational program for high school students that have never participated in a Regional Ethics Bowl. This is a fun, low-stakes way for students to get their feet wet. The program is successful, we believe, due to the unique multi-pronged model we implement:

1. We mobilize some of our strongest undergraduate philosophy majors, training them to coach the high school teams;

2. We secure community leaders to serve as judges at  the culminating event at UC Santa Cruz alongside university faculty and graduate students;

3. We incentivize high schools and students by providing funds for food at their practices and other resources;

4. The primary activity, the Ethics Bowl, is an especially meaningful and valuable activity for high school students.

Stay tuned for information on the 2021 Outreach Invitational.

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Best of luck to all participating teams

If you or your school is interested in participating, please contact Janette Dinishak.