Virtual & Augmented Reality
Does a real-world experience have more value than a virtual experience if they feel the same?
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A Hoodwink and a Nudge?
Is it morally permissible for companies to use strategies to subconsciously influence how and where customers spend money?
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Working While Sick
Is it morally permissible to go in to work while you are sick?
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Banning Religious Garb
Are general bans on religious garb in places like public schools ever morally justified?
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Family and Politics
How much of a say should parents have in whether you can speak to their children about political issues?
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Public & Private Charity
Are U.S. entitlement programs, like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, morally good?
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Suffering Cat
Is it ethical to purchase a cat with dwarfism, even if it encourages further breeding of cats with substantial health problems?
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Tobacco 21
Should we raise the legal age for smoking tobacco to 21?
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Listen to the music
Is it ethical to socially and economically support a band that has morally problematic beliefs?
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Armed Police
Should the police carry fewer guns?
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Contraception Controversy
Should employers be able to direct insurance companies to deny coverage for procedures the employer finds morally objectionable?
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White Privilege II
Do we have a stronger than normal duty to advocate against systems of oppression from which we benefit?
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Toastmaster Disaster
Is it moral to pay a writer to write a wedding toast for you to deliver at your sibling’s wedding?
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Donor Babies
Is it ethical to bring a person into existence in part so that they can donate tissue to somebody else?
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Online Privacy
When, and with whom, is it morally acceptable for companies to share user information?
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Moral Offsetting
Is it ethical to do good in order to offset the harm you cause?
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All cases shared courtesy of the National High School Ethics Bowl and the Parr Center for Ethics at UNC, Chapel Hill.

2016-2017 Cases

Case Chair: Chris Ng

Case Authors: Dustyn Addington, Clare LaFrance, Chris Ng, Katie Petrik, Samuel Reis-Dennis, Jeff Sebo, Keshav Singh, Robert Smithson, John Torrey.

Case Editor: Jeff Sebo

All 16 of this year’s cases can be downloaded in one pdf here

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