Claudio Campagna

LEAD/Language of Conservation (with D. Guevara)

Conservation Biologist /
Wildlife Conservation Society

Adjunct Professor /
Department of Ecology &
Evolutionary Biology

Jonathan Ellis


Associate Professor /
Department of Philosophy

Daniel Guevara

LEAD/Language of Conservation (with C. Campagna)

Chair & Associate Professor /
Department of Philosophy

Kyle Robertson


LEAD / High School Ethics
Bowl, Children, & Jail programs

Lecturer / Department of

Cynthia Chase

Mayor/Santa Cruz, CA
Inmate Programs Manager /
S.C. County Sheriff’s Office

Gregor Clark

Founder & Director /
Hiker creative agency

Juan Ruiz Cortes

M.A. Student / Department

of Philosophy

Nathaniel Deutsch

Professor / Department of History
Director / The Humanities Institute

Janette Dinishak

Assistant Professor /
Department of Philosophy

David Donley

Ph.D. student / Department
of Philosophy

Sandra Dreisbach

Ph.D. (2012) / Philosophy
Lecturer / Departments of
Biomolecular Engineering &

Mary Garcia

M.A. (2013) / Philosophy

Miles Hatfield

B.A. (2011) / Philosophy
Ph.D. student /
Dept. of Cognitive Science,
Johns Hopkins University

Paula Lopez

Senior / Undergraduate
philosophy major

James Sutter

M.A. (2014) / Philosophy

Haakon Williams

B.A. (2017) / Philosophy

Samira Pourhassan-

M.A. / Philosophy

Lisa Martinez

M.A. Student / Department

of Philosophy

Aaron Franklin

Ph.D. Student / Department

of Philosophy